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Yes, its been a challenge. However, it’s been a total of nine days now and I have not spent a single cent. That is correct, not a penny nor a dime nor a dollar. So, tomorrow I wake up and will put another dollar in my pocket as I head out the door.

How am I able to do this, you ask? Mooching off others, some say and still others say by being creative. I must proudly admit it is more the latter of the two. Let me tell you how:

Warmth: I fully intended to line my windows with a weatherproofing film to try to save energy cost this year.  Given that that would cost around $50 for the largest, most important areas, I need to do something different. To the fabric stash I went. I found old fabric shower curtains, window curtains and other fabrics to line the windows instead. Looks fine from outside and funky from inside.  How creative 🙂

Everyday items: I have a full tube of toothpaste that should get me through at least 2 months, about 8 rolls of TP, and am running very low on the female hygiene products that are needed about every 28 days. Not sure how, but I’ll make it all work. everything is working out so far. My dishwashing soap is in good shape but it is the laundry detergent that I am low on. A friend gave me just enough for a load or two and I have since found a great resource online for making your own soaps. That will be my next step, I guess.

Food: The pantry is full of canned soups, rice, beans, etc, which will be used sparingly while I focus my efforts on using those fresh veggies and fruits and dairy. I need to choose wisely so to not  allow them to wither, rot or otherwise let me know they are not in this for the long run. For instance, I had a bag of shredded broccoli and 2 tortilla wraps that really needed to be used up soon, if not before. So, a little ingenius thought and a monkey wrenched headache later, I came up with this concoction:

Something Something Burritos

Two Tortilla Wraps
Turkey Burger, Garlic, Onion – saute until brown and cooked through. Place in large bowl.
Oil, shredded broccoli, carrots, celery – saute until slightly brown – add to bowl along with meat.
Stir fry seasoning, spices, shredded cheese – stir into mix.
– spoon mixture into tortillas and wrap in burrito fashion, like this:

Simply place your meat filling like so...

Then, fry in pan until golden brown and voila! Bon Appetite!

Way yummy!