One Year and Ninety-One Days

In March of 2008, my phone rang loud in my office in downtown Raleigh. It was my daughter. “Mom” she screamed, “The house has been broken into. It’s a mess!”

The moments ahead raced through my mind like a rushing stream. Lots of noise coming from all around and enough movement to keep me feeling alive. I drove the 28 miles home to find several police and CCBI officers in the driveway.

“Ma’am, it’s really bad” one officer said. “Do you have any enemies”…

Months of uncertainty went by as I looked narrowly at even my closest of friends. Who could do such a thing? Why me, why now?

Another incident in early July lead to more uncertainty and feelings of discomfort. Tensions grew of trying to juggle legal issues, raise my teenage daughter, and regain my trust in the world. Eventually I was let go of my job, but, it was a relief as I had felt completely uncomfortable working so far away from my home since the invasion. That was mid August.

September came and an officer called me. The prime suspect in my case was on the loose for a local robbery and murder. I should remain diligent about knowing my surroundings. He was apprehended 4 days later.

In October I learned of an art contest and decided to go ahead and enter. The contest required that the artist use only reused and/or recycled materials in the making of their art. I decided to use the back door of my home where the intruder entered through my art studio.

My work was accepted and displayed exactly one year from the day of the break in. The exhibit was on display for exactly ninety-one days. I started my blog, at that time and have continued in a somewhat inconsistent manner.

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