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So, I’m going for a Lifestyle Change here, and one thing is certain – “My Creativity Will Never Die!”.

I say this now because over the last week or so I have come to realize that not everyone has the creative gene in their body. And some do not have the gumption to stick out their neck and do something different. Well, all talents and skills aside, I do have the ability to rattle off unique ideas and see what will transpire.

I encourage everyone to “think outside the box” when it comes to life. Be it running your own business, raising a family, or investing in a Lifestyle Change. Give yourself a set amount of time (ninety-one days) and set a new goal for yourself. Reach for the stars. If you only get to the moon, it is still new territory and you just might learn a few things about yourself!

My Lifestyle Change is sponsored by and being monitored through professional staff at:
Forever Fitness in Wakefield –
24 hour access facility costs less than $1 per day
Village Pharmacy in Wake Forest –
3 month Take Charge nutrition program costs less than $4 per balanced meal replacement shake


Well, OK. I’m not a star, but I do feel I could dance a pretty good jig right about now!

I’ve been on a certain “high” since the Packers won the Super Bowl on Sunday and since then, my workouts have been fun and challenging all at the same time. Knowing everything I ate or drink during the game, I’ve been a little worried to get my chart reading today. So, this morning I went to the gym and stepped up my game a little. Pushing myself to my limits even caught the eye of a fellow fitness buff!

After the circuit, my time was to be on the elliptical for 20 minutes with my heart rate above 150. Just as I began to get bored, ESPN announced Brett Favre was being considered for Dancing With The Stars! I nearly fell off the machine I was laughing so hard! Not because I don’t think he could do it, but more because I just can’t believe he would do it!

Listen, after my daughter finished high school and moved out of the house, I vowed there would be “NO MORE DRAMA”. And, for the most part, my life has been drama free, so I’m not sure I can handle the media circus that this match up would have.

So, Hollywood, I ask, what about me? I am so much more fit than I was just a month ago! I have erased a years worth of stress from my life, and am feeling more confident than ever!

Today my over fat body fat percentage dropped to just 27% from 36% on January 1st. And my weight has dropped another 1.2 pounds from last week. An overall weight loss while at the same time gaining weight in lean muscle mass. Now I think I could do dancing, prancing or just about anything! But, then again, I’m a little shy at times and am always thinking someone could be watching. Hmmmmmmm…

Now that I think about it, it’s probably better to let anyone else, Favre, Fabio or even Frankenstein, take to the stage!

Mulberry Smoothie

Mulberry Smoothie - Just 240 calories

I stepped on the scale last week and weighed in at 141.8 pounds. That is another .4 pounds less than the previous week and nearly 10 pounds less than when I started on January 1st. What thrilled me most is that I felt stronger and more confident overall. My blood pressure has dropped tremendously, my outlook in life is brighter and more clear, and I choose healthier foods now just because they appeal to me more. But then there came the Super Bowl…

My nutrition program had been staying on track under the guidance of pharmacist Art Minton at Village Pharmacy in Wake Forest. Having a nutritional shake for less than $4 per meal, I felt full throughout the day then enjoy a balanced, healthy dinner. It’s been going great, as I relish my meals in the quiet of my own home and know that I fully deserve every last bite. But, the real test was the Super Bowl…

I told Art not to worry as my eyes will be fixated on the tube but he none-the-less reminded me of the salad, veggies, fruit I could eat beforehand to curb my hunger later. I’m really sorry but I know darn well I will sneak a handful of Doritos before the game ends! Its just my thing. I never have them at home and so I can usually justify a handful at parties – Which just might explain why I love parties!

Really, we can skip all the chips, sweets and other dripping, gooey, crunchy things and just opt for more veggies and fruit. Hmmm, nothing like a strawberry washed down with a beer, right? Hey, you never know!

All things aside, I knew this years game would be a good one. Well, I was wrong. It was a great one! Full of excitement, friendly shouting matches, and lots of snacks and drinks. As a creative professional, I love the commercials and everything about the game. So, whether I indulged or not, I enjoyed every minute of it while surrounded by friends. And that, in itself, is as satisfying as having my cake and eating it too!

Now, one more time, WAY TO GO PACKERS!!!

OK. Thirty of the Ninety-One Days are complete and I am well on my way to completing my goal. Since January 1st and to this day I have lost a total of eight pounds! My clothes are fitting better, I have more energy, and I feel great!

What really has me thinking these days is just sitting back at night and wondering what life has in store for me. Since leaving my previous job less than a month ago, my blood pressure has dropped more than 20 points and I now see my life more clearly. I look forward to the search for my own destiny and a strong reclamation of my former healthier well-being.

I feel so much better than before this Ninety-One Day Challenge had begun. With goals in mind that didn’t exactly include leaving my employment, I find myself once again stepping through a newly opened door; with a much more relaxed and grounded world all around me.

Life is pretty nifty as I continue my quest for a complete lifestyle makeover. Last week I was able to erase a major stress in my life and took it a step further as I erased my blackboard that helps keep me focused in this hectic world. This week I hope to reconfigure my “life chart” and focus on positive changes that will carry me through the New Year.

My fitness routine has me hopping. My vertical jump has certainly improved as was demonstrated during yesterdays playoff games. Go Packers!!! My adrenaline was high all day and so hopefully the few Doritos wont do too much damage. It was a fun day with long-time friends and we even made some new friends. That is what NFL game are for, right?

Monday came all too soon but before I new it, I was back at the gym. An hour and a half workout and I think every bit of chip, bratwurst and beverage and long gone. I had a round of circuit, then 20 minutes on the elliptical and another round of circuit training. Stretching afterward was even difficult. But all is good as now I can easily see my feet when standing in the shower!

Really now, I must say that life as we know it will just get better and better. And as one door closes, another will surely open…Just be careful if it’s the refrigerator door!

Creative? Yes. Innovative? Yes. Forward Thinking? Yes.

All these words describe a person always willing to come up with a new, creative idea to get peoples attention. I like to think “Outside the Box” for a moment and see what I, or we, can imagine in a moments time. I think creatively 24/7 and even last night woke to the strangest dream I’ve had in a long time. I raced to write notes before the picture escaped my right brain waves. I had trouble falling back asleep and awoke about 4 hours later refreshed and ready to start the day.

Last Friday I was a whole 6 pounds lighter than when I began my Lifestyle Change Challenge on January 1st. I feel great and know that what comes around, goes around. From now on, I will treat my body right and it will treat me right in return!

Want to jump on the Challenge wagon with me? Write in and we’ll connect!

Well, here I am wondering when I should take a break. I’ve been busy this week reflecting on what this new year will bring. A healthier lifestyle and a transition away from the stresses of everyday life as I know it is what I truly need. My daughter has called to tell me her expenses will drop next month form about $500 to only about $150/month. That will certainly help me as Ive been doing all I can to help her since she graduated HS and went on to college. So here we have it. My goals for this Ninety-One Days:

1) Lose 10 pounds in body weight and get back in shape
2) Regain my focus in eating right no matter how busy I become
3) Get my taxes done
4) Clean my house

The first two goals should not be a problem as I am working with professionals in the fields of physical fitness and also nutrition. I am being monitored by both on a weekly basis. I feel good over all and hope that you will take this time to commit to a new healthier you!