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This time it’s budget oriented! But that will affect many other areas of my life as well. (Pretty guaranteed prediction)

Like many people, I woke this morning, the first day of the new year with a sense of reflection. While I will not dwell on any negative from the last, I can find plenty of room for improvement. Or more appropriately, I realize certain areas of my life need a little revision in one way or another. For instance trimming my budget, and spending more time in my studio would be my biggest goals.

In trying to improve both of these areas of my life, I have come up with a unique Ninety One Days challenge. For the next ninety-one days, through March 31, I will budget only $1 per day toward food, entertainment, and other misc things. Sound impossible?

I think it may be difficult, but not impossible.

Rules: outstanding bills, utilities, mortgage and gas for my vehicle will be paid from my regular income. I will begin this challenge with ninety-one $1 bills. If the dollar is not spent in one day, it can roll over to the next day. Also, any gift cards, certificates or other may be used as money exchange for goods or services and not be counted toward the $1 per day allotment.

Now, before you judge, I did not go shopping and stock the shelves and fridge. Nor do I have a supply of gift cards. In fact, I think I have a couple coffee cards, a few restaurant Groupons and a $50 prepaid Visa, which is good because I think I will need toothpaste before long.

I’ll keep you posted.

Oh WOW! I am very much looking forward to what lies ahead as I trudge forward with so many creative undertakings that I hardly ever have time entirely “alone”. This just might explain why you haven’t heard from me in a while, which, is simply no excuse! I missed waking up to blog and have spent nearly all morning updating my websites and and this site. 

Did you know I started a new job about three months ago? It all started exactly ninety-one days ago. Ironic? Maybe not…

I knew I needed to find a job quick but I had all but given up. I knew I had the experience to carry out just about any task given me, but I felt I was screaming to silent ears. I focused on the incredible tasks at hand in the volunteer community and there you go–the job offer came nearly immediately after a job well done.

Busy with the job and meeting many new business owners and entrepreneurs, I am always thinking about my next move. Life, I think, is kinda like a Chess game. I say this even though I have no clue how to play Chess. What I mean is, sometimes you can think your next move to death, but why not just make a move and see what happens? Sound risky?

I am embarking on several new career levels. My role as President of Wake Forest Cultural Arts will see me and our Board reshape the vision for this organization in a way that has not been done in it’s near 20 years of existence. We will not be doing this alone, but with the added leadership of Nello McDaniel, Principle Director of the consulting group Arts Action Research. This very special arrangement is made possible through a Capacity Building Grant awarded to the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County from the Kresge Foundation.

I am also exploring other projects that will be posted at as they move past the planning stages and into the marketing stage. Life is full of surprises and with every setback lies an opportunity…

I cannot even begin to express the pure excitement and anxious feelings I have when I try to imagine all that I may learn this year. I look forward to taking it all in and remaining focused and committed to the tasks at hand. I just hope it will all carry over to inspire others and continue to shape my future as well.

So, I just learned that the man who apparently broke into my home over a year ago and led to this online blog project as well as a renewed energy in my artwork, has been convicted of murder and sentenced to a lifelong prison term. I guess this can bring some closure or relief. I guess. 

I wonder if I should still hope for a conviction in my case? Should I really care at this point? I have moved on and he is now in jail. What more do I need?

I feel like I need a story. 

Last evening I decided to go to a meditation session with a friend then just chill out with a nice dinner. I guess this did more for my thought process than I realized as I had the most unusual and vivid dreams I had had in a long time. Creepy as it may be, it was of a man at a party making me feel very uncomfortable. He was heavyset and he somehow looked vaguely familiar to me. It was pouring rain but I felt I needed to get home quick. It was a 4.5 mile walk home and I woke before I got there. 

The man from my dream is now in jail forever, convicted of murder. 

I will continue to live my passion and create. That can never be put away.