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I could go into a long, drawn out explanation as to why I’ve not written…but I won’t. Not right now. Life has been crazy. I’m happy and excited for the future one minute, then the next, I can dream of nothing but extreme quiet. Complete peace. A sea of feathers to float upon.

Truth is, little over a year ago I uprooted myself for the job of my dreams. Without hesitation I packed and moved two hours away to enthusiastically bring arts programming to eastern NC. When that job ended due to budget cuts, it was little less than devastating, both personally and financially. After the initial shock, I hung on and eventually felt content with the laid back lifestyle of living along the Pamlico River. My many friends kept me busy as I kept my head above water best I could. I found solace in the beautiful sunsets and the walks along the river were joyful with my little Frisco by my side.

Life wasn’t perfect but it was working itself out. The small company I began working at felt like family. It didn’t pay well but they had patience and respect for their employees. The owners would bring in a crockpot of beans and sausage and biscuits about once a month and the rest of us just shared M&Ms or JuJu’s every so often. It was those small, kind gestures that I will remember best. That and the watchful eye of Mr. Billy as he cautiously found trust in his son and the employees.

In late February, a friend called to ask if I could come help with his business. He would pay me a weekly salary. While I wanted to help, I couldn’t very well leave my current employer on such short notice. Plus, I wasn’t too excited to uproot my life again after little more than a year. My little Frisco was getting older and I was’t sure she could handle another move either. I said I’d give it some thought.

About a week went by and he called again. He really needed me or he was going to have to shut down the shop. I agreed to come and talk with him on Saturday. He agreed to a weekly salary. I would work Mon-Fri and would not be required to work on Saturday so long as he could cover. To help with the transition, he offered a room with a private bath at his apt, no charge. This is until my house is available in Sept or I find another place.

With a heavy heart, I went back to Washington to talk with my boss. We went for coffee and he said he thought I was going to ask for a raise. I smiled, and said no, I’m just sorry I need to leave my position on such short notice. Effective immediately. That day was to be my last day. That was on a Monday.

That same week Wednesday, March 3rd, I began my new job managing a small independently owned company for this friend. Today is Saturday, May 6th and, while I honestly feel I could love the job itself, I’m hoping I haven’t made a very big mistake…