Our wheels keep on rolling…

Posted: July 29, 2011 in 2011 - July 1 thru Sept 30, My Life as an Artist, Mystery Build

So, if we just said we are two collaborative artists, well into our adult life and acting like giddy little school children, it would be a severe understatement! As professional artists, we have been immersed in a project we had no idea would culminate and resurrect into such a spiral of good fortune and positive well-being.

Over the weeks, we have gotten to know one anothers strengths and weaknesses more than ever. Sleepless nights and overnighters, improv dinners and malnourishing snacks tested our sanity. Quick trips into the civilized world is all that kept us from completely losing sight of our destiny. Less than two days ago, on the verge of exhaustion at times but feeling the pressure of deadlines and the sheer happiness of having fun, we worked six hours straight to create the one last finishing touch.

Now, finally, we finished our Mystery Build project to our liking and it was just two hours away from what we thought would be our very last test. Could we possibly get this one last finishing touch added on? It would take some real talent to pull this one off. If we even had a chance we’d have to get on the road within two hours. Neither of us had showered, eaten or even slept much in the last 24 hours. I needed to go to the bank, shower, take care of my dog, water my plants, touch base with my daughter, etc. It seemed like days since I was at home.

But off I went, on a mission. My partner in crime was also on a mission. Together we had one more thing to accomplish that evening.

More than six hours later, and two days after that, we just keep on rolling…


Robin Hendricks and Lauri Arntsen here! We will be posting our entry on Sunday, July 31st. Please view our entry and others at www.MysteryBuild.net . Vote for us for Peoples Choice Award beginning August 1st through the 14th. Check this site often as we update you as to the progress of this event. I’m telling you… you will not be disappointed!

* Everyone is allowed one vote/person/day

Thank you from Lauri and Robin!

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