Deadline Looms but Hump Day Curtails

Posted: July 27, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31

It’s Wednesday, July 27th and the official deadline for our Mystery Build contest is not until Sunday. Wow, we have 5 days left to pull this together…or do we?

I was up at 6:30 this morning making my coffee, catching up on emails and sweating out the details of how we might pull this off. We have until early evening to work out the most grueling details on our project. Right, we are artists in dire need of a civil  engineer of sorts. Hell, a brain surgeon, a traffic coordinator, or a sociopath might help, so long as they are not drinking PBR and sidetracked with laughter and strange recipes throughout the night.

I guess that’s what has made this contest so much fun. The collaboration between friends who think quite differently but will laugh, think and listen together. I have the painterly more poetic skills at hand and my partner artist has the carpentry tool, carving skills in her background. So, for hours on end, we discuss ideas, work out experiments, shake our fists, clap our hands. Then we take a break and make some strange concoction in the kitchen that has no bearing on our project other than to replenish our carbs so as we do no more bodily harm. Exacto blades can be very dangerous!

Stuffed Chile Peppers

Creative juices

Here is last nights dinner. Fresh chile peppers (from Wake Forest Farmers Market) stuffed with cream cheese, parsley, garlic, cheese, shrimp. All this wrapped in bacon and placed under the broiler. As any great chef will do, I have left out a secret ingredient but you can doctor it up any way you want. Jalapenos add an extra kick.

Ooh! Here comes my partner in crime. Gotta go create!






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