Back to my roots

Posted: April 11, 2011 in 2011 - April 1 thru June 30, Art and Business, My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

While I was going to wait until tomorrow to post next, I thought I’d go ahead ahead and do it now. Especially since the look is a bit different and viewers may be wondering if this really is the ninety-one days they are accustomed to.

Let me just say that I am coming back to my original intent in creating this blog. Yes, this blog came from a somewhat dark time in my life that produced new growth and a mastery of optimism. However, now as move past that and readjust to a world of true creativity, I look toward the edgier corners of my reality. Life is not always pretty and so why should I pretend it to be so? I can certainly appreciate the beauty of color and sparkle and shine, but I also have an admiration for the free spirited, looseness of a more natural formation.

I am one who loves the look of brushed steel next to rough hewn cedar, stone alongside glass, and silver entwined with gold jewelry. I want to hear a dueling set between a rap artist and an a cappella group. Listening to the blues with a nice glass of wine, or drinking a PBR at an art gallery opening. Pair me up with a nice pair of jeans and a $5 t-shirt and I’m good to go to that gallery opening or just about anywhere.

So, in looking at a fresh, new look for my blog, I am going with something a little more edgy to reference my attitude for this next ninety-one days. Not to be lazy by any means, just not uptight in any way. In fact, this time my focus is to maintain what I’ve learned to be right and leave behind what I know to be wrong.

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