I’m Getting Smaller but Feeling Bigger!

Posted: April 4, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31

So, how does this happen?

Well, beginning January 1, 2011 I took on a new Ninety-One Days Challenge. My goal was to make the necessary changes to get me feeling better about my life and overall well-being. I basically had three goals: Get in shape (inner body toning), lose 10 pounds (outer body toning) and lastly, get my mind back in shape.

I joined a gym and worked out about three times per week for the first half of the program, then graduated up to five or six times per week. I met with a pharmacist once per week to weigh in, have BP checked and discuss the weeks progress, etc.

Everything went very well. I lost nearly 15 pounds over all, BP dropped 30 points (within 3 weeks of beginning the program), and I have a new outlook on life. There may be other factors contributing to my optimistic outlook, but I do credit much of it to my commitment of these programs. With a little help form my friends and a whole lot of self control, ninety-one days is enough time to reach any goal. See my overall results below and make your commitment today!

January 1, 2011 –
Height 5′ 4.5″, weight 150.2 BP = 132/81
Body Fat = 38.7%
Fat weight = 58.2
Lean weight = 92.1
Basal Metabolic Rate = 1352
(body measurements in cm)
Neck = 33cm
Shoulder = 103cm
Abdomen = 84
Hip = 107
Rt Thigh = 62

February 11, 2011 –
Height 5′ 4.5″ (still), weight 140.6 (decrease of 9 lbs) BP = 114/77(dropped drastically as of January 21)
Body Fat = 27.6% (decreased by 11.1%)
Fat weight = 38.8 (decrease of 19.6 lbs)
Lean weight = 101.8 (increase of 9.7 lbs)
Basal Metabolic Rate = 1449 (increase of 97)
(body measurements in cm)
Neck = 32.5cm (decrease of .5cm)
Shoulder = 102.5 (decrease of .5cm)
Abdomen = 73.5 (decrease of 10.5cm)
Hip = 100.5 (decrease of 6.5cm)

March 31, 2011 –
Height 5′ 4.5″ (still), weight 136.6 (total decrease of 13.6 lbs) BP = 103/67(down from a beginning reading of 132/81)
Body Fat = 27.6% (total decrease of 11.1%)
Fat weight = 37.6 (total decrease of 20.6 lbs)
Lean weight = 98.9 (overall increase of 6.8 lbs)
Basal Metabolic Rate = 1420 (overall increase of 68)
(body measurements in cm)
Neck = 32cm (overall decrease of 1cm)
Shoulder = 101 (overall decrease of 2cm)
Abdomen = 72.5 (overall decrease of 11.5cm)
Hip = 100.5 (overall decrease of 6.5cm)
Rt Thigh = 58.5 (overall decrease of 3.5cm)

YAY!!! I am smaller but feel a whole lot more confident and stronger!
A Special Thank You to the trainers, mentors and pharmacists at:

Forever Fitness – (which is now O2 Fitness Express) www.ForeverFitness.net

Villlage Pharmacy – www.VillagePharmacyWF.com

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