The trick is on me…or is it?

Posted: April 1, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31

OK. Yesterday was was full of fools all around me, so I felt today would be a breeze. So far the only April Fools Day trick has been the scale. While I did all I could to shed one last pound this week, that digital reading showed a higher number than last week. For that, I was a little disappointed.

Being early afternoon, I quickly realized I still have much of the day to overcome that little glitch. I am now in a “famous” coffee shop of which the general public has a love/hate relationship. (Insert guess here)

Actually, I think people in general have a love/hate relationship with success. Ever notice how something is really cool until you grow tired of it? There are certainly things I used to adore and then found it downright annoying. Or how about the leftovers in the fridge? Just how long can you eat split pea and ham soup day after day?

More tomorrow! Including my stats for the entire ninety-one days.

Today I realized that after my ninety one day lifestyle challenge, I am truly a changed person. I woke early in the day and got busy right away but decided there would be no other time to go workout if I did not do it right then. So off I went. I feel good about it too.

Ever start something that feels really good only to find that it clearly wasn’t the right relationship or partnership at all? Let me tell you…If it feels good to you, go with it. If it doesn’t, leave it.

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