Cleansing without Soap

Posted: March 21, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31, Art and Business, Uncategorized

As my Ninety-one Day Challenge comes to a close, I realize it is time for me to decide my next challenge. Since weighing in at 139 last week Friday, I have another 4 lbs to shed to reach my goal this time. But, losing weight is not my only goal.

My life does not revolve around my physical appearance. People don’t seem to treat me any differently based on my weight. To tell you the truth, my well being has more to do with how I feel on the inside.

This last week I wanted so bad to erase the indulgence of good foods I had the week before. I did not totally fall off the wagon, but it was enough that I just felt “wrong”. After a week of indulgence, I worked out every day and watched what I was eating. A low calorie diet combined with high intensity workouts and a few outside stresses, made me feel better about my well being but I was emotionally and physically drained. A day of rest and and I bounced back and am now feeling better than ever.

Add to that a weekend of top rate arts and entertainment and then a day of meditation, seed sharing and a bonfire with friends and I am back to where I need to be. The full moon helped to guide my spiritual journey and this ninety-one days is about to come full circle!

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