My Creativity Will Never Die

Posted: February 21, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31, Uncategorized

So, I’m going for a Lifestyle Change here, and one thing is certain – “My Creativity Will Never Die!”.

I say this now because over the last week or so I have come to realize that not everyone has the creative gene in their body. And some do not have the gumption to stick out their neck and do something different. Well, all talents and skills aside, I do have the ability to rattle off unique ideas and see what will transpire.

I encourage everyone to “think outside the box” when it comes to life. Be it running your own business, raising a family, or investing in a Lifestyle Change. Give yourself a set amount of time (ninety-one days) and set a new goal for yourself. Reach for the stars. If you only get to the moon, it is still new territory and you just might learn a few things about yourself!

My Lifestyle Change is sponsored by and being monitored through professional staff at:
Forever Fitness in Wakefield –
24 hour access facility costs less than $1 per day
Village Pharmacy in Wake Forest –
3 month Take Charge nutrition program costs less than $4 per balanced meal replacement shake

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