Woo Hoo! It Should Be Me on Dancing With the Stars!

Posted: February 11, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31, Uncategorized

Well, OK. I’m not a star, but I do feel I could dance a pretty good jig right about now!

I’ve been on a certain “high” since the Packers won the Super Bowl on Sunday and since then, my workouts have been fun and challenging all at the same time. Knowing everything I ate or drink during the game, I’ve been a little worried to get my chart reading today. So, this morning I went to the gym and stepped up my game a little. Pushing myself to my limits even caught the eye of a fellow fitness buff!

After the circuit, my time was to be on the elliptical for 20 minutes with my heart rate above 150. Just as I began to get bored, ESPN announced Brett Favre was being considered for Dancing With The Stars! I nearly fell off the machine I was laughing so hard! Not because I don’t think he could do it, but more because I just can’t believe he would do it!

Listen, after my daughter finished high school and moved out of the house, I vowed there would be “NO MORE DRAMA”. And, for the most part, my life has been drama free, so I’m not sure I can handle the media circus that this match up would have.

So, Hollywood, I ask, what about me? I am so much more fit than I was just a month ago! I have erased a years worth of stress from my life, and am feeling more confident than ever!

Today my over fat body fat percentage dropped to just 27% from 36% on January 1st. And my weight has dropped another 1.2 pounds from last week. An overall weight loss while at the same time gaining weight in lean muscle mass. Now I think I could do dancing, prancing or just about anything! But, then again, I’m a little shy at times and am always thinking someone could be watching. Hmmmmmmm…

Now that I think about it, it’s probably better to let anyone else, Favre, Fabio or even Frankenstein, take to the stage!

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