Super Bowl Angst Lives On!

Posted: February 8, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31, Uncategorized

Mulberry Smoothie

Mulberry Smoothie - Just 240 calories

I stepped on the scale last week and weighed in at 141.8 pounds. That is another .4 pounds less than the previous week and nearly 10 pounds less than when I started on January 1st. What thrilled me most is that I felt stronger and more confident overall. My blood pressure has dropped tremendously, my outlook in life is brighter and more clear, and I choose healthier foods now just because they appeal to me more. But then there came the Super Bowl…

My nutrition program had been staying on track under the guidance of pharmacist Art Minton at Village Pharmacy in Wake Forest. Having a nutritional shake for less than $4 per meal, I felt full throughout the day then enjoy a balanced, healthy dinner. It’s been going great, as I relish my meals in the quiet of my own home and know that I fully deserve every last bite. But, the real test was the Super Bowl…

I told Art not to worry as my eyes will be fixated on the tube but he none-the-less reminded me of the salad, veggies, fruit I could eat beforehand to curb my hunger later. I’m really sorry but I know darn well I will sneak a handful of Doritos before the game ends! Its just my thing. I never have them at home and so I can usually justify a handful at parties – Which just might explain why I love parties!

Really, we can skip all the chips, sweets and other dripping, gooey, crunchy things and just opt for more veggies and fruit. Hmmm, nothing like a strawberry washed down with a beer, right? Hey, you never know!

All things aside, I knew this years game would be a good one. Well, I was wrong. It was a great one! Full of excitement, friendly shouting matches, and lots of snacks and drinks. As a creative professional, I love the commercials and everything about the game. So, whether I indulged or not, I enjoyed every minute of it while surrounded by friends. And that, in itself, is as satisfying as having my cake and eating it too!

Now, one more time, WAY TO GO PACKERS!!!

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