A small glitch

Posted: January 10, 2011 in 2011 - Jan1 thru Mar 31, Uncategorized

All is good here as long as NC survives this rain, snow, and ice threat. My home is surrounded by tall pine trees and overhanging outdoor electric wires. My biggest workout this week may be moving the darn things tomorrow. I had my weight checked this past weekend and I had lost 4 pounds since my last weigh-in January 1st. My exercising has not increased much, just my eating habits have changed. First my trainer was ill, then I was ill and now the threat of bad weather has everyone hunkering down…Now that really sounds good to me. Hunkering down with a big pizza is one thing but I’ll stick to the plan and have a nice balanced dinner tonight and hope for the best!

You all take care out there and come join me and others to embark on your own challenge. It only takes ninety-one days and your life could be changed forever!

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