Give yourself a day…

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Or how about ninety-one days?

Certainly we all think from time to time, “I really need to get this done”, or “if only I could change my life in this way”…etc. Well, have you ever set a goal only to find failure? Why didn’t it work? Too short a timeframe? Too far away and you can’t see the end?

Ninety-one days is just the right amount of time. It’s only three months. Half of half a year. Quite frankly, it’s a very small portion of your life that could very well end up changing the rest of your life. And so, how can that be bad?

Set a goal for yourself to work toward and choose a ninety-one day period. Learn from this ninety-one day experience. Take what worked and drop what didn’t. Now you have a recipe for life that is a monumental step closer to where you want to be. You will be that much closer to reaching true happiness. 

I am on my second ninety-one day experience and have been enjoying every minute of it. 

So, give yourself ninety-one days… 

and I’ll see you again soon…

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