Ahhhh…Some things can be put away forever

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Art and Business, My Life as an Artist, Ninety-One Days (2), Uncategorized

So, I just learned that the man who apparently broke into my home over a year ago and led to this online blog project as well as a renewed energy in my artwork, has been convicted of murder and sentenced to a lifelong prison term. I guess this can bring some closure or relief. I guess. 

I wonder if I should still hope for a conviction in my case? Should I really care at this point? I have moved on and he is now in jail. What more do I need?

I feel like I need a story. 

Last evening I decided to go to a meditation session with a friend then just chill out with a nice dinner. I guess this did more for my thought process than I realized as I had the most unusual and vivid dreams I had had in a long time. Creepy as it may be, it was of a man at a party making me feel very uncomfortable. He was heavyset and he somehow looked vaguely familiar to me. It was pouring rain but I felt I needed to get home quick. It was a 4.5 mile walk home and I woke before I got there. 

The man from my dream is now in jail forever, convicted of murder. 

I will continue to live my passion and create. That can never be put away.

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