The future of

Posted: June 30, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

While the future is never really guaranteed until you are “in the moment”, life has it’s predictabilities. 

Tonight is the final evening and celebration for the Scrapel Hill Art Project which is what brought to fruition. The days and the public blog has been a welcome outlet and journey of healing for me as an artist and as a mother. The past three months has given me the opportunity to look farther than I ever have into the world we live. 

I just got back from a short trip to NYC with my teenage daughter. We had a great time and it was interesting and fun even as the pain set in from walking for an entire day. This city is amazing. We visited art galleries and museums, walked Central Park and the city at night, shopped until we could no more and ate food to match (almost) every smell we walked by. We were pleasantly surprised by the clean and cleverly organized inner city and not once did we feel unsafe or too crowded. 

So, while I feel confident and fulfilled in my journey during the past ninety-one days, I very much look forward to the next ninety-one days.

Stay with me…

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