It’s all for you…

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Art and Business, My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

Every once in a while I feel guilty about living my life as an artist. After all, all I do is walk around with this free spirit attitude. I work when I want, play when I want, meet friends when they want and otherwise just go with the flow. Wait a minute, while I have let my own priority,, fall second fiddle to the other priorities in my life, I have been extremely busy. The last month has seen me in a number of art classes and workshops and spending more time in my studio than I have in the entire last year. I saw my daughter go through a dizzying array of plans for after high school and finally settle down on one. I welcomed my family from Wisconsin and after entertaining longtime friends for a graduation celebration, we headed to the beach. We came back to town and I, along with and others, helped to entertain a community of 300 people for a block party like they had never experienced.  With less than one week to “relax”, my daughter and I are now headed to New York City (neither of us have been there before and with our shared interests in the arts, it was the perfect graduation gift). Everyone makes choices on a daily basis. Not every choice will please everyone or be the right choice in the long run. But, if there is one thing I know for sure, life is a blessing and should be lived as such. I gave birth to my daughter 18 years ago and I may never completely let go. Every choice I make in life has had her interests in mind and I hope that one day she will see that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART. I love you!!!!

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