Posted: May 29, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

What behavior, now-a-days, constitutes such a label as “Obsessive-Compulsive”? Is it the fact that a person is overly addictive to cigarettes, drink, food or other? Is it that a person cannot stop watching TV or listening to music or buying certain items (hopefully fine art)? Could this label be attached to a person who cannot stop shaking his leg, biting her lip, or licking the glass long after the martini has gone dry? 

Personally, I am tired of the labels we place on people and how we go about judging everyone around us. Yes, I am tired of it, but then again I cannot help but do it. Wait, does that make me compulsive? Because I work hard to retain friends and do my best to change the world, does that make me compulsive? And, I am quite certain my teenage daughter may label me as obsessive when it comes to my wanting to know where she is and what she is doing and who she is with and why she is…

At any rate, I enjoy running my own life and doing as I please. I aim to live my life on the most calm and drama free playing field as possible and am pretty certain I am almost there–almost to a fault. Sometimes I feel numb to others’ problems. This is not to say I do not care, but more a choice to allow those involved to work out the kinks. After all, we all have our issues, right? I trust I will be called upon when needed and will be a listening ear in the meantime. 

All said, I think it really is time for people to start taking responsibility for their own actions. While I enjoy running my own life, I am not about to run the life of anyone else.

What I want to do, and it just might be an obsession, is create a work of art from life itself. To let life run a coarse similar to that of a watercolor painting in the making. As the pigment mixes with the water and runs down the paper, magical things happen. The artist has some control, but not all. Life experience and the training may dictate the outcome as well. In the end, we create a piece to be admired for it’s beauty and it’s moment in time, among other things.

My paintings, like life, is not void of flaws or challenges, not perfect or beautiful to everyone. I look forward to finding my next venture a smooth transition into a very serene and insightful phase in life. I am ready and I think the world around me is also. 

Please visit often over the next month as I share my experiences.

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