Rainy day brings surprise!

Posted: May 6, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

Yes, the planted seeds from Friday are starting to sprout and the birds are happily singing. 

While the weather outside was dreary, I was able to reflect on where I am going in my career. I certainly am busy moving in the right direction and have begun to lose sleep at night over some of my projects. Everything seems to be going very well. The problem is, I have been hit with a very unexpected surprise.

For over a year, I have not created any new paintings in my traditional style and means. Many people know of my bold, contemporary paintings and my favorite quote ever made about my work was from a gentleman visiting from New York.

“You’ve improved on Rothko,” he said. Yes, that one will be etched in my brain forever, I believe!

After the break-in of my studio and home a year ago, and the chain of events that followed, I voluntarily set aside my creative self. My focus had gone elsewhere and I was being pulled in too many directions. It just seemed easier at the time to let this aspect of my life go and focus on family and work. When work proved to be too much, I was back where I needed to be. Everything slowly began to come together, but I had to recreate the passion I once had and start over in a sense.

The project that led to Ninety-One Days, reinstated my ability to creatively solve problems and meet a challenge. I had stepped outside my box and created an exhibit that invites participation from the public. I continue to open myself up to others through this blog and am prepared to accept commentary, analysis, and criticism. I was really in no hurry to start painting or anything else right away, but instead use the time to dig deep and reconnect with and understand my own hope and dreams. Everything is going pretty much as expected. Except one thing:

I am very anxious to get back to painting…

  1. Alan says:

    It will be very interesting to see if your paintings are markedly “different” from where you left off. It could be that you have more to express artistically stemming from the events of last year …… or not.
    There’s only one way to find out.
    BTW, I consider this blog a work of art. Thanks for sharing …

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