It’s All Good

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Art and Business, My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

It was a very busy weekend with a number of events in and around town. And what was I doing? Nothing really. 

Well, at least it felt like nothing. Ever have a “job” that you just really, really love? Notice how it does not hurt to go to work–instead it’s actually kinda fun? I’ve only really had one job like that in my entire career and I stayed there for nearly ten years. Prior to that, I had moved around every year or two. It helps when you have a boss that garners respect for everyone and teamwork is prevalent. Growth of the organization also helped in this case as I continued to learn as time went on. As a creative person, I tend to get bored easily and find myself most productive when I have a variety of things going on. 

I was initially hired as a graphic designer, but my duties quickly grew into a marketing and promotional role. My supervisors also recognized my artistry and encouraged me to use my fine art skills for many projects. I did all this before being transferred to a new department in which I was encouraged to fine tune a different skill–writing. I took classes, sought advice from the best in the field, and networked like crazy. It was a new venture for me and I embraced it with all I had. (Oh, that writer guy gave more than just writing advice. He also encouraged me to work on a landscape project myself as opposed to hiring someone. More on that later)

So why am I writing all this? 

I just need someone to talk to 🙂

I’ll be back later this afternoon to finish this little rant. Have a great day…

  1. Monica says:

    We met at the farmers mrkt. My daughter added the addt’l branch with the bird’s nest on the tree/community painting.
    We also had a very interesting conversation and I wanted you to know that I enjoyed meeting you.
    We drove by the “ole ice cream shop/turned artist space” in WF and saw the painting in the window. Our daughter was delighted to see her contribution on display.
    Well, just wanted to drop you a line.

    Take care!

    • arts-n says:

      Your daughter should be very proud as we have had several people comment on just how cute and happy the little bird looked waiting for it’s baby. Congratulations!

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