Benevolence and so much more…

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Art and Business, My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

It was an extremely busy day for me as I am getting ready for a number of consecutive events. No time to explain her right now. You may go to to find out more. For now, I have a very different agenda. 

While running errands, I ran into a long time friend and we chatted for quite a while. Evans and I both had fine art studios under the same roof for about two years. Both of us were professional designers with a passion for the art and a dream of having our own business some day. She told me of how she is moving her current retail business to a new location to make room for another business that will allow for more creative design and fine art. “That is great! Congratulations”, I say. 

Then I tell her of a newly formed organization, Creative Arts Network 4 Community Action, which is using the arts to inspire communities through fundraising events. For instance, tomorrow evening we will showcase the Community Art Painting at a special Centennial Art Exhibit in Wake Forest. On Saturday, CANCA will be at Meet in the Street painting shoes that have been donated by the community. The shoes will then be sold at the Relay for Life at Wakefield HS on May 15-16. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Also on Saturday, we will work on a painting of Muddy the Mudcat with special appearances by Muddy himself! This painting will be auctioned at a Mudcats game on May 17 during Grand Slam for NathanCan. All proceeds from the sale of this and two other artworks will go directly to the NathanCan Foundation. Sunday brings an evening of relaxation as we listen to the Zydeco beats of Zydecopious during Six Sundays in Spring. You just might find us on a blanket either painting or snoozing but none-the-less relaxing. 

Oh, and my friend Evans? She was all smiles over this organization. “Just what we need here.” “I want to join. Can I join on-line?” “We think so much alike, this will be great” “I am excited”…That was just a sampling of the things she said.

Yes, to think that this is just one weekend for this 2 month old baby organization! We have much to do and we having a whole lot of fun doing it. I encourage everyone to take a look at our website and visit our booth(s) on Saturday. If you cannot come on Saturday, go ahead and sign up online or mail your contribution. Please help us reach our goal of signing 100 new members so that we can continue to bring community art projects to your area. Visit for more information. Thanks!

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