Lots of Surprise at the Scrapel Hill Art Contest and Exhibit!

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Art and Politics, My Life as an Artist, Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit

Thursday nights Celebratory Gala provided much more than the normal conversation and now that I have had some time to reflect, I am ready to post.

From the very beginning, I walked in to see my work had disappeared…sort of. Someone had come in and suggested a revised arrangement of many of the displays to provide better viewing and a more walkable layout. Hence the relocation of the artwork. 

As my initial shock settled, my state of mind quickly rose to concern and unsettling fear. My project, One Year and Ninety-One Days, although seemingly  simple, is really quite complex. I found the new location and as I got closer, something was clearly not right. Turns out, someone had disassembled my piece to move it and it was never the same. My friends and I spent a good while tweaking it, and began to head to the party… Alas, does anyone else out there follow their intuition? 

Well, it was hitting me in the gut at that moment. My display looked “almost right” but not quite perfect. I was walking one step forward and looking two steps back. Finally, I turned around and, again with help from my friends, we were able to get it to the point with which I could be happy. Then I was ready to move on. 

I write this hoping that everyone will come to  understand the the level of respect that this and every art exhibit should project and demand. I was shocked when they moved my exhibit–the installation of artwork is just as important as the act of creating it. This has always been true with my artwork but even more so with this piece. Artists are professionals and should be treated as such whether the artwork is created with 24K gold embellished with diamonds or junk materials that would otherwise be disposed of in the landfill. The materials used, the emotional energy conveyed and the years of experiences behind the artist is what makes a piece so individual and special. This is no more true than in this exhibit. Imagine the challenge presented to an artist to take junk and scrap and trash and create something beautiful.

That being said, the Scrapel Hill Art Contest and Exhibit should be visited not once but several timed over the few months. Every one of the 15 sculptures is worthy of your vote. Vote for your favorite by going to the registration table near the center of the mall. The Scrapel Hill Art Contest and Exhibit is on display at University Mall in Chapel Hill through June 30, 2009. http://www.scrapelhillart.com

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