Scrapel Hill Opening Gala Tonight!

Posted: April 23, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit, Uncategorized

Tonight’s event is an opening gala. Donations are $25. Food and beverages fro the Opening Gala is provided by Spice Street Restaurant. Gilbert Neal is the musician to entertain you and there will be a dance performance by Joy Williams, who danced with the Chuck Taylor Company.  

Votes for the artwork are made by donating $1 per vote.  The proceeds of the votes will be divided between the chamber’s sustainability effort, Green Plus, and to The ArtsCenter to fund a scholarship to an economically challenged child.  We believe those two non-profits are a good fit for Scrapel Hill Art Contest and Exhibition.  Proceeds from the $25 donations for guests will be divided between Green Plus and The ArtsCenter.

Please come and support this environmental and creative arts exhibit. I hope to see you there!

The Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit and Contest will continue through the end of June, at which time the winners will be announced. Please try to visit during that time and vote for your favorite artist and artwork. 

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