One Year…explained

Posted: April 22, 2009 in One Year...Explained, Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit, Uncategorized

So, I think I explained the meaning behind the sides of my exhibit in past posts. But with the Gala event coming up tomorrow evening, I want to reiterate that this exhibit has been a significant healing process for me. The blog was meant to help me face the past and move forward and inspire others to do the same. With that said, I am learning so much more and I encourage you to come see all of the inspiring creations on exhibit at University Mall in Chapel Hill through June 30.

Here, I will only discuss my exhibit, appropriately titled One Year and Ninety-One Days. On one hand, I could say there is more thought in that project than any other of my career. And on the other hand, I could say that everything just fell into place. My design began as a very complex and detailed form that would have required me to revisit my math and geometry skills more than I really wanted. As time moved on through the holidays and into a new year, I woke very early one morning with an entirely new concept. Well, I guess not entirely new. I was still using many of the same materials, just arranging them in a different way. It was a clear answer that had me rethinking the overall structure.

I started asking myself the same questions over and over. This new idea may give a cleaner design that would stand the test of time, but would it convey the entire story? Do I need to tell the the entire story? Would people even care? Do I care? 

Then there was the issue of narrating an otherwise ugly story but  creating a sense of place for the viewer. Given my state of mind, I wrestled with the idea of truly dealing with the past. I was in a good place now and I wanted to incorporate that as well. Create a happy ending. A structure that evokes serenity. I wanted the viewer to become a part of the journey as I look forward to a new chapter. 

So, let me try to explain the exhibit:

Although all sides and planes relate, each gives a different view. Every angle has a stark reference to a period in my life and yet, if I were not trying to tell such a story, I am not sure I could have chosen such a beautiful blend of raw materials. The steel chainlink against the raw twisted tree roots. All at once the two opposing materials seem to work together. The manmade steel holds the door closed while a completely organic and natural formation holds the door up. What does this mean to the artist?

The ladder painted stark white and scribbled with drawings reminiscent of childhood dreams and casual freedoms. Why is it painted white and why does some of the original paint show through at the bottom? Why only the bottom? Why is the writing on the ladder written in pencil while most other writing is either computer generated or written in ink such as the thumbprint on the front and the transcribed words within?

Then there is the 2×4 that seems to be the only surface to not have endured any form of written legacy–why?

All in all, One Year and Ninety-One Days begs the question:

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

I hope to se you at tomorrow’s Gala event. Go to for more info

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