From one party to another

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Art and Politics, Uncategorized

Last nights Tea Party in Raleigh, NC was a success, I guess. Apparently, I have been too busy to realize the effect of the Economic Stimulus Bills and other decisions being made by our political leaders. The only thing I was upset about is the fact that I have lived within my means, and my only debt is my house. Well, I guess I owe my daughter $5 for lunch today, but that doesn’t really matter too much, does it?

Yes, it makes me mad to think of CEO’s and others getting huge raises when they have wronged the American people. And how about the employees who work so hard under them and lose the shirts off their back and their own jobs in the end. I wonder why the banks, mortgage companies and car manufacturers get help while the smaller “mom and pop” places that I love go belly up before I even get my foot in the door. That’s what upsets me.

Well, that was last night. Today was a new day and it began at the local Boys and Girls Club listening to a speaker talk about the effects of positive influences and mentoring for young children. Although I may not have had the support of a typical family while growing up, I remember certain people sticking with me and carrying me–if not just to the other side of the tracks. When no one was there to guide me, there was someone there to help me fill out the paperwork to “see what would happen”. I appreciated that and so much more. 

After that first meeting, I went to another. Then home to change clothes and go pick up a dog house that a found for sale on Craigslist. Great site, by the way.  We got the dog house and brought it home. Looks great in the yard, especially will after we paint it. Then I went back to get my vehicle and came home to see my lawn getting cut. Talked to the man for quite a while as he told me what a beautiful yard I have. I shared with him my latest art project,, and he smiled. “See, you were meant to do art and to follow your dreams,” he said. 

And so, I am enjoying it all and creating my own life. Stimulus package or not…

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