It’s a “funky/junky” Art Show!

Posted: April 11, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit, Uncategorized

Last night I attended the Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit and Contest at University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC. What a great inspiration for everyone. Who knew plastic bags could become so furry? The polar bears look like they are straight from Alaska, but no, turns out it is more likely Walmart. Then there is the formed rebar and twisted metal ropes that begs you to look deep within to find its true form. Such a fine balance between the masculine and feminine psyche.

As you stroll the corridors of the mall to decide which piece gets your vote, take some time to look and think about each project and the artist. What might have inspired such a piece? Was it a spontaneous one time design, or has the artist been honing their craft for years?  What instruments did they use to develop such an exhibit? Where did they find their stuff? Maybe better yet (and a question I asked myself), where do they store this stuff? Is it always on hand for them? Well, best to let some questions go unanswered and just enjoy the art and the artist for what they present to the world. 

To me, the underlying message is a reminder to how we live our lives as consumers of the very material things in life, only to discard them when no longer needed. Lets challenge our creative selves to find another way to use these items or recreate a use for them. Can it now be used as a vase or vessel for other objects? Can it be combined into a to take on new life as an artwork to be admired for many more years? Maybe set everything aside and donate your scraps to other agencies or artists who can put it to good use. 

Hope you enjoyed the exhibit last night if you went. If not, please get out to University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC and cast your vote(s) for your favorite creation(s). 

***There will be a celebratory gala, open to the public, on April 23, 6 until 8, at the University Mall Special Event Centre.  Donations for the gala are $25 and attendees will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and entertainment as they meet the artists and the mall retailers.  Proceeds from the votes and gala tickets will benefit The ArtsCenter and the Chamber’s Sustainability Foundation’s green initiative. Hope to see you there!

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