One Year…explained (back side)

Posted: April 9, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, One Year...Explained, Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit, Uncategorized

Ha Ha! Starting out saying I am going to explain my back side sounds kinda funny, don’t ya think?


But seriously, the back side is an integral part of my exhibit. It balances the front and creates the overall beauty of the whole. But, we cannot go there yet. 

why1If you follow the exhibit as it tells its story, you will read along the bottom base that the chaos and drama continued well into the summer. The climax this time was a second 911 call in response to what appeared, to my daughter who was inside,  to be a second break-in. This turned out to be a major miscommunication and was taken care of, none-the-less raising awareness and heightening our fear once again. I struggled with the simplest of decisions. I did not want to be home alone and I did not want to let my daughter out of my sight. In order to get through it all, I threw myself into work and other projects to keep me busy. Little did I realize how painful everything was for both of us. About a month later, a confrontation had us both hitting the breaking point and it is then that I realized the toll it was taking on my life. I had no choice but to rise above. 

That same week, I approached my boss and asked for a weeks vacation prior to the start of the school year. I just need some time for my daughter and I to get away for a while. Just a week. I was denied the requested vacation leave and the same week received a written warning. Despite my greatest attempts to stay, I left my place of employment and ended the struggle of keeping up with work and what is best for my family. 

I have to say, this seemed to be the start to my sense of optimism and feeling powerful once again. While I recall feeling numb riding the bus home that day, for that 45 minute ride, I had a sense of calmness about me that I had not felt in several months. From March 28 through mid August, I was constantly watching my back and feeling as if I was the prisoner. At home and at work.

It felt good to breathe freely again…

  1. Priscilla says:

    This story is so touching and poignant. I’m sure that making the display was helpful in the healing process. Thanks for the “back side” joke … it’s nice to have a little comic relief!
    And, thank you for this blog. I also went through a traumatic event about 6 years ago, so I can relate to much of your story.
    Nice close up shot of the words on the board!

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