Ahhhhh…The Flow of Creativity

Posted: April 3, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

“What is it that got you to create that piece?”

I have heard that question over and over in my career and so often it’s an unconscious doing I cannot explain. Usually, I can only give examples of the thoughts and ideas I had in mind when I began the project. More often than not, I give so much thought to the project that I about drive myself insane and my head is about to burst. Then I find the deadline is looming so near I just have to bite the bullet and move forward. Procrastination or perfection? 

I like the idea of waiting until the last minute on some things. Analyzing the canvas to it’s death is when some of my most satisfying work has been created. Waking up at 3am with the answer still happens from time to time, but I do love the process of design. The thought come, the gears are moving and I get in the groove. The mind cannot be interrupted. I think of nothing else. The deepest level of creativity when nothing else seems to matter. The flow. 

It’s when the phone rings and I answer it. I barely remember. The music is still playing the same song 8 hours later. I never noticed. Eating habits go by the wayside as I wake at 6, drink coffee til 2, grab a handful of crackers for lunch. The wine will help get me through the evening. I sleep well, I feel great and the project turns out better than I envisioned when I first began.

The flow happened with One Year and Ninety-One Days. Stayed tuned…

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