Rainy days call for oatmeal!

Posted: April 2, 2009 in My Life as an Artist, Uncategorized

What else could I say? It is raining and I am longing to put aside all my work and nestle down with a big bowl of the stuff. But first, I will tell you a little about the stuff (not oatmeal) recently transformed to art in the artistic hub of North Carolina!

A couple days into my blog and a few days after my public art project was successfully installed, I am glad to report the exhibit is getting great reviews and commentary already. On display at University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC are sixteen sculptures and artistic interpretations. This is no ordinary art show as all the work was created using non-recylable materials and junk. (Otherwise know as junk).

Materials that once held our lives together but had fallen apart over time, merge in a revived form of beauty, intrigue and possibility. Bicycle tires that so often careened downhill to the ice cream shop now transform into a whimsical balancing act held together by chains delicate enough to adorn that little black dress. And a Shaker-style clock made not from wood and traditional means, but instead, scrap metal and other found objects stands stately in the corner as if studying the room. There is much to be said for the many different interpretations of what is waste and what is worth holding on to. 

So, given the weather, no landscaping or outdoor work for me today. Cleaning the shed and my studio is kinda hanging in the balance since both were uprooted in the making of my structure. I now realize I need a bigger studio, especially since I may never throw anything away again. In fact, everything seems to have the potential to be art. Just as everyone has the potential to be creative.

So, check out the Scrapel Hill Art Exhibit, www.scrapelhillart.com
Another great event to check out this weekend is the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC. www.fullframefest.org

Have fun and until next time….Yada, Yada…

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